Farewell Lucky

Well, my family dog, Lucky, died last night around 12:50am. He was 7 1/2 years old. We took him to the vet a few hours before because he was suddenly sick from something. They were gonna do blood tests and they gave him medicine but I guess it didn't work. We stayed with him at home last night cuz the vet said he might not survive the night. I guess that guy was right. For some reason, Lucky wanted to leave the house when he was vomiting. When we went to check on him he was already dead. Seems like he didn't wanna die in front of us. We were all pretty sad. My sis took it the hardest but that's how it is. Just in case you're wondering, he's a Collie. Anyways, farewell Lucky. You will be missed.

9/11 5th Anniversary

I haven't really talked about this in years simply because it's not something I enjoy ranting about. But since it's the 5th year since that tragedy happened, I don't think it should be ignored.

I just want to say another farewell to my college classmate, Lisa Frost, who died on the second plane that crashed into the Twin Towers on 9/11/2001. We worked on a group project at Boston University and we had a good grade (my graphic skills and her writing ruled). She was very smart and she was nice to me. I didn't talk to her that much personally but I knew she was on that plane because she had a new job in San Fransisco. It was an incredibly sad time for me when I learned about her death in the college newspaper. I think I was in shock for awhile. It's just weird to know someone whose death was part of something greater in today's world. Everytime I think about Lisa, I get this weird pain in my gut. I guess I'm still not over it even when I think I am. Anyways, there really isn't that much more to say about this tragedy...


hmm, haven't updated in almost a year, wow. nice improvements to LJ, maybe i'll start updating again soon. my bday this friday, man i feel old.

also, it feels surreal that my buddy jon is working for LJ now. he's a programmer there. heh heh

case modding

Well, I'm currently doing research on building my own PC. My sister's BF knows how to build his own PC so he'll help me out. But once I'm done with it, I'll be adding some bling to geek it up. :)


i got this email from a fan of my toy site. there's something about it that makes me smile. :)

Hey there! I sent you a card in june telling you about the update Master Chief mouth sculpt well series 4 has just arrived with Master Chief V.3 with the updated sculp you wanted!!
May this help you or not I will always be Link and I will be in your disposal of any Halo figure.

HP6 done

Finished Harry Potter last night, it's awesome. One of the best in the series thus far. I can't wait to read the last book!


got hired full time at the insurance place i was temping at. whee, benefits! and went to a blood drive yesterday to donate some blood to the red cross. man, the weather is killer today.