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No Otakon this year

My friends went to Otakon and I couldn't go. The fact that the car was full and I had no money didn't encourage me either. I hope I can go next year. My friends are also planning to to the Anime Expo in NY. I *might* go to this one. I have one month to think about it.

My bday is this Sunday (yea, I'm repeating myself) and my family wants to do something for it. But I don't really wanna celebrate it. I don't like to remind myself that I'm getting older and still jobless.

Also, about the stuff I ordered: The Virtual Babe 2020 book (Sean, thanks for tellin us about it in #rosa) should be arriving soon. The Grim Fandango should arrive next week. The rest of the stuff aren't shipped yet so that sucks.

Had a few CS rounds with Rodz and Darren last night. I sucked pretty bad compared to them. Also just had a game of War3 with Will and we kicked ass as usual.

I finally found the right methods to make VCDs outta the AMVs I made. Now I can watch all my stuff on TV. I'm also going to make the rest of my fave AMVs on VCD too. This is so exciting because I don't need to watch it on the comp anymore. So if anyone wants to see my AMVs on VCD, please tell me here so I can send you a copy. Just be sure to tell me if your player can play VCDs burned from Nero. ^-^

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