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Still looking for a job. This is annoying me because the places want some friggin dude with 3+ years experience. It's so hard to find an entry-level job for a web designer. I'm also hunting down some other options. That's it for now. Too annoyed to keep talking about it.

My project with Theo is gonna rev up soon. He's been working hard on the website.

My project with Jason has been on the standstill until we can meet up. I guess we're both pretty lazy since we live far apart and the weather's been extremely hot and humid.

Still waiting for Renee's short story to work on.

Michal finally messaged me back about doing a short story. It might take a while for him.

Theo sent me an anime called Mao-chan and it's so freaking retarded. It's by the same guy who designed the Love Hina characters except they look worst here. The story's like a ripoff of CCS, Pretty Sammy, EVA and Digi Charat combined. The quality of the encoding is excellent tho. I think I can use this for an AMV but the anime itself is pretty stupid.

Shit, okay, nothing else. Some Happy Bdays from some people which is nice. Thanks to whoever posted my bday in the topic to the #rosa peeps.

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