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Hey guys, guess what? Finally talked to Jesse again. You know, MrJesse. Anyways, it's good to hear from him again and I updated him on what happened to #urd and stuff. I also told him where #rosa is so he can come and chat anytime. We've been playing CS so that's cool.

Also, the weather's been much better. Much cooler. Much better.

I got the 2 disc LOTR DVD and it's nice. I'm gonna get the 4 disc one too since ALL the extras on this disc are NOT on the 4 disc. The 4 disc preview on the DVD was killin me. I wanted to see all those special features not on this disc. November can't come soon enough.

Can't forget to mention the nice win Will and I had over Jules and Pete in War3. We rox0rs! But Jules was Human so I didn't see his true evil. XD

I am Fortress Maximus!

Valiant, courageous, and powerful beyond measure, you are a warrior without compare, but one whose most fervent wish is never to have to fight again. Your desire is to build, but when war comes, you will not hesitate to turn your gifts to the ways of combat. Though you do believe that if the war does not end soon, you will lose your own identity to it. You wish for there to be peace among everyone and the only reason you continue to fight is to put an end to all of the senseless conflict. You are also binary bonded with Spike Witwicky.

Take the Transformers Gestalt / Citybot quiz by X-Warlock

Hah, I am Fortress Maximus! Bow before me!

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