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Brief recap

Monday: Family dinner with Uncle who came from Canada to visit. Some CS.
Tuesday: Got a copy of LotR DVD and watched the extras. Some more CS.
Wednesday: Got Escaflowne LE TV series on DVD finally. Started Playing Full Throttle and beat it in a few hours. Good game. Started The Curse of Monkey Island.
Thursday: Family dinner with Uncle again and another relative. Beat The Curse of Monkey Island. Excellent game. Started The Escape from Monkey Island...
Friday: Beat The Curse of Monkey Island. It's good but not as good as the third game. A lot more frustrating moments and FAQ hunting...stupid Monkey Kombat...
Saturday: Theo finally accepts the design for Midori. One down...etc...

This week seemed like blur of dinners and PC games. Go figure. I need to hang out next week...

Btw, HAPPY BDAY JULES~!!! You're gonna be going through some changes but don't worry. It's normal for all boys. XD

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