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O boy, another hot day. Went with my dad to pick up grandma and take her to this place to renew her lease. It's something that's done every year but those dumbasses have to make us drive all the way there to do it. I dunno why I was so freakin sleepy today. I slept around 2 am last night and woke up at 8 am. That should've been enough time. I was sleepy enough that I didn't drive.

Talked with my friend Van online. I think I'm gonna try to hang out at her place this weekend. I havent seen her or her sis Lien in a while. I was gonna go to Otakon with them but I didn't. They said it felt short. I'm still not sure if I'll be able to get to their place this weekend. It depends if my sis needs the car AND the weather. Only time will tell.

Talked to Jason and he's moving to Malden from East Boston soon. He'll be so close to me which is great. I don't think we hung out much cuz he lived so far and it was a real hassle for him to get on the T and take 2 hours to get to Medford. Maybe we could start working on our game once he's here.

My friend Ricky from high school tried calling me when my cell phone was all messed up and I didn't get any of his messages then. I just hope he checks his email more often. I don't feel like calling the dude yet. Can't believe it's been 4 years. 4 friggin years.

Still jobless and annoyed. Haven't looked last week and I don't care. I'll begin the process again later this week...

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