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HP DVD rant

Well, I feel like the HP DVD didn't live up to what I had hoped for. WB didn't bother listening to what the fans had clammered for from the online petitions to the emails. The DVD lacks the extras that makes it worthwile. I got it on sale so I don't feel bad but here's what I (and other HP fans) had hoped for originally (be cool if they decide to rerelease an ultimate edtion version with some of my recommendations):

Here's what SHOULD'VE been in the DVD:

Dolby Digital 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1 AND DTS! Give people the options WB!

Audio Commentaries by: The director, the stars, the screenwriter AND J.K. Rowling of course. They can make them individual commentaries or as a whole group. It would've been great to hear their insights about the movie.

More extras: They should get rid of the "game" to get to the deleted scenes on the 2nd disc. It's fun on your first try but really annoying afterwards. There should be an option to bypass it at least. The deleted scenes in the current DVD doesn't show Hermione doing Snape's potion test at all! I thought they filmed that. Hmmmm....

More interviews with EVERYONE they can find who were involved with the film. Galleries, behind-the-scenes features, documentaries and anything else that they can find. The books are so popular they should've had plenty of materials to work with. They wasted the 2nd DVD with crappy features fit for kids only.

Disappointing DVD. Until they put back the deleted scenes in the main movie, the HP movie doesn't measure up to my expectations. I hope they really rerelease another SE DVD soon. I suspect that WB will do that when the 2nd movie comes out in November. They want the money and double dippin DVDs ain't new around here especially with the popularity of Harry Potter.

Also took the weird tests...hehe.

What Type of Villain are You? /


I act like I'm 21.
This test was brought to you by Mel - She'll bite you ;o). Take it here.


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