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Ah, my body is aching...I went to Six Flag yesterday and it was fun. It was actually my first time there (I know, I know). I went with my sis and some YMCA friends of her's. They were cool people. Steve's a super nice guy. I thought he looked tough guy at first but he's not like that at all. Phil's a funny guy and actually made me laugh a lot. Albert is the quiet dude but he was funny sometimes. Jacky (sp?) is also nice and she made the day fun too. All in all, not a bad day. We sat all the major rides like the Superman, Batman, MindEraser and a few others. I haven't been on rollercoasters in a while so it was an eye opener. Superman is some crazy shit. It felt like your you were gonna fly outta your seat! The first drop was like falling straight down. That was some scary shit. The lines weren't too long because it was raining off and on, but it still took more than an hour just to get on one of the major rides. Afterwards, I followed them and watch them play those games to try to win some dolls. Some of them won so that was good. It was a good day until near we were forced to leave because of the drenching rain. We were soaking wet by the time we got to the cars. After drying off, we ate at Wendy's and went home. It was a good but tiring day.

Also renewed by domain name. I almost forgot. It expires today! LoL.

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