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Received a good amount of pics already from #rosa peeps. Still missing a few. Ah well, too bad to those who won't/can't give them to me.

Damn baseball strike was averted. I wanted to see what would happen if they really striked.

I've decided to try to think of a new design for my portfolio site. It'll probably come along pretty slowly. I need to have some chara designs for Theo but I haven't been in the mood. He hasn't bugged me yet so that's good.

My mom is having some party today and these people she knows from some singing club or something is coming today. I hate parties at my house and I really hate kids that tag along. It means I'll have to stay home and watch them lil brats and make sure they don't break anything. I hope this day goes by fast.

Hand Maid May (find out more)

Find out What Anime Best Suits You by taking the quiz yourself!

I got this anime which is weird. Who cares, she's so damn hot. ;)

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