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Well, I guess no web companies are hiring entry-level people like me right now. So I'm gonna try hunting down a temp agency. Why did I have to graduate when the economy sucks?

Anyways, while I'll probably be mopping someone's toilet (NOT!), I'm gonna be starting up on my resume site. It's gonna be a blast. I haven't really worked on a new site in a while so I can add more of what I know to this new page now. If I'm happy with the new site, I might even redesign LiK's SketchPaD which needs a real overhaul. It's been the same design for 2 years! Enough bumming, more working. I have to focus now.

BTW, I finally have all the needed pics for my project. Anyone in #rosa who hasn't sent me a pic can do so if they offered. I'm not requesting anymore and once my project starts, I'm definitely NOT taking anymore pics. Too bad to those who don't care. But this project will be nice. And if you're wondering what the hell I'm doing with those pics? wouldn't be a secret if I told ya, right? ^_~ It's just a personal project for the kind folks in #rosa. But don't expect it anytime soon. I'm gonna be taking my time with it.

Speaking of time, I haven't really chilled for the last 3 months. I've been lazy and too pennyless to hang out. Everyone's been busy lately too so that's not helping much. I have to admit I'm not feeling lonely or anything. I still talk to my friends online and I have my family to keep me from going insane. I enjoyed being somewhat of a hermit but now it's starting to bother me. I guess I'm so used to summer vacations and since it's autumn now, I feel restless. I need a job. I need to hang out. I need to socialize again.

Also, the 1 year anniversary of September 11 is next Wed. I'm gonna be home and watching the news about it. If any of you don't know why 9/11 is significant to me other than it being one of the worst tragedies in the US, then let me tell you this: I knew a girl who was my groupmate during college. We had to work on some ads together. Well, she was in the second plane that hit the Twin Towers. I was pretty sad when I found out from the uni newspaper. I've gotten over it but it was freaky. She told me she would be going to Cali for her new job and that was the plane she died in. I still have her emails in my old uni email account which is creepy. But all of that will be erased when my that account expires. So, please people, don't bitch about 9/11 to me before you fuckin piss me off.

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