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what a bust

Just came back from a job interview which was a total bust. It was supposed to be some advertising place and what really annoyed me about it was it was in fact a pure marketing place. They had sent me an email telling me that after reviewing my resume, they said I had what they wanted. So, I thought they had a creative dept or something similar since this is what my resume highlighted. What the guy told me when I got there was, it was about being a manager and it was about sales, accounting and dealing with the budget. WTF??? I thought these people would've had read my freaking resume before emailing and making me drive all the way there for an interview.

The drive was about 23 miles away. It was raining and the traffic jam totally sucked. I got there early so I waited an hour in the car. I went in 15 min early and they made me wait half an hour in the waiting room. The guy tells me to come in and (I'm guessing for the FIRST time) looked at my resume. The interview lasts less than 5 minutes! I was all hyped about it and I'm totally bummed out now. What a drag. The hunt continues...

Anyways, I'm gonna go buy Kingdom Hearts today. The US version is better because I found out you have TWO extra bosses in this version. You can fight SEPHIROTH in the US version. Take that importers!

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