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Kingdom Hearts

Wow, what a great game. I just had to make an entry for it. Excellent voice acting in the US version. I found out most of the English voices are from the original actors so it's all high calibur. I'm up to the last stage now but I'm doing all the side quests and stuff before I finish the game. You get to fight Sephiroth in the Coliseum and he is sooo hard. He has an awesome intro and they even played his original boss music while you're duking it out. It's pretty awesome. I thought the voice would scare me since it's from Lance Bass but they actually modified it so there's like some godly echo. It sounds nothing like the singer. In fact, Sephiroth sounds pretty cool. Friggin hard to beat tho. One slash from that giant blade of his takes half my life off. I'll just keep looking for the rest of the dalmations and trinities first. I refuse to use a guide.

So far, my fave voice in the game is Kairi's. The girl who does her voice is the same girl who did the young ant in Bug's Life. Very natural. Heck, all the voices are very good. What's also great about the voices is that they synched perfectly with the lips just like in the game Bouncer. Thank you Disney.

O yea, Hurricane Lili is gonna hit the South tonight. I wish those folks down there good luck because it's going at 150 mph right now.

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