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in cali

Ah, it's the 2nd day in Cali in the morning. We spent the first day checking out Rodeo Drive. Lotsa luxury stores in which we had no interest in. Well, except for my sis. We then went onto Venice Beach and walked along the beach and boardwalk. Also had a good time in Santa Monica. I saw a REALLY kute Korean girl (I think she's Korean) who worked in some store in a mall that sold anime trinkets and such. I should've asked to take her picture. She kept looking at me everytime I tried to get another quick glance at her. Kute kute. ^^;;;

Another interesting thing I saw was in an arcade in Santa Monica. There were these guys who were playing DDR and they were insane. The best was an asian and the rest were hispanic but they were awesome. They did all the hardest ones and got a lot of perfects. A huge crowd was watching them dance. It was very entertaining. I wish I had a camcorder.

We plan on heading to Hollywood today so that'll be fun. We're really tired from yesterday cuz we spent the entire day out walking around taking pictures and sightseeing. Cody (my sister's friend) drove us around LA. Monday's gonna be a breather. Then we're heading to Las Vegas on Tuesday for a day. I'll update again on Wed.

I can't wait to go to Little Tokyo on Thurs. Me want to see anime stores...hehe. I'll have pics up of the trip when I get back home. Ja.

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