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back from las vegas

Ah, spent 1 day and a half in that city. We are so tired from it. We stayed at the Bellagio hotel. You can't imagine how many old people are there. We walked a lot and gambled a bit. It was fun but very tiring trying to go to every place there.

The annoying thing was people kept thinking I was under 21. I was gambling with my sis and her friend at a slot machine and one of the attendants asked if I was 21. She asked for my ID and stuff....aiya. My sis and her friend laughed, of course. The next day, I went to change a 20 dollar bill and the attendant there also asked if I was 21! Oi, I said "Yes, someone asked me that yesterday too." I know I'm young looking but I didn't think I looked under 21.

We basically walked around a lot. I took a lot of great pics of the hotels there. We couldn't go to every one but we went to a lot of them. Maybe next time. We're going to Little Tokyo today in LA. Yay.

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