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little tokyo

Aiya, I was at Little Tokyo yesterday and I was looking through some posters and the guy said "Oh, those are X-rated" and started walking towards me. I said "Don't worry, I'm over 21." The guys said, "Oh okay, then there shouldn't be a problem." Then he walked back behind the counter. I'm like WTF in my head. Dammit, do I look UNDER 18??? Another embarrasing moment. I don't know if I should feel complimented or kill myself.

Anyways, I bought a load of good rare stuff at that store. I'll take some pics of them and post them when I get home. Yummy figures. There was another guy who worked there who was really nice. He had a Japanese accent but his English was pretty good. It was cool talking to him about the stuff. He thought I was from LA because he said mainly people there know about the new stuff. He was surprised when I told him I was from the east coast. Ho ho ho. Who's da man! j/k

There's some figures I bought that I'll need someone's help identifying when I get home. It's from the same guy who designed the Digi Charat characters. The title is in Japanese and I've never seen it before. So, I'll have pics posted when I get home.

Gawd, I miss my video games...My sister's friend's computer sucks. It's slow and he uses DSL which is also slow. The mouse is wonky, I miss my computer

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