June 14th, 2002


Not much

Well, I spent another day playing MOH:AA. It's been a blast. Now that I patched it to ver 1.11, I haven't met any cheaters lately. It feels good knowing that I'm considered an elite player in some of the games. If only I knew someone around here or online who plays it on Gamespy also. Oh well.
Also been browsing around various toy sites and finding some killer figures for bargain prices. I received the Jin-Roh Kubrick figure today. It's so badass. ^^ Can't wait to receive the normal action figure in a few days. It's from Kaiyodo, which means it's high quality.

Anyways, haven't felt like going to #rosa these past two days. I guess I don't feel like plugging there that much since people always point out the negative aspects of the pics. Not a lot of people plug there anymore so I just wanna post but I get my ass burned for plugging my quickies nowadays. I'm not looking for C&Cs, I just wanna plug and know people saw them. I've been doodling in the oekaki poteto board lately just to get rid of some ideas instead. I should be sleeping now but I can't and I'm going to play a few more team deathmatch games in MOH. Yes, I'm addicted.
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NGE + request

Well, just finished watching Neon Genesis Evangelion Perfect Collection and I actually liked it. The story was intriguing and the script was excellent. The pacing of the show was awesome. I enjoyed the themes which were elegantly weaved within the various characters we meet. The animation during the mech battles were very nice. The last two episodes were kinda weird and it was totally taken to another level than the rest of the show. I liked the ending but it could've been better if it was connected to the main storyline instead. Gainax had to pull an "Akira" on us. ^^

I'll get the movies just to see the alternate ending since some people say it's better than the TV show's ending. I really enjoyed it but I don't see why it's so religiously loved by the otakus here. It was a good show but it's not anything I would find myself being caught up in. The DVDs sucked tho. The extras were just a bunch of lame character bios and ADV kept putting these stupid ads in the beginning when the DVD starts up. What's worst is the fact that the default language is in English and I had to change it back to Japanese. Don't they know that the original tracks are the best??

Show = A DVD = D+

Btw, since you guys are probably reading this, I'm looking for anyone who wants to write some short stories for me to illustrate. It could be about anything as long as it's short. It could be a comic or just some illustrations associated with the story. ANYTHING! I just want to collaborate on something with someone. If you guys are interested, then email me or msg me in #rosa. I doubt anyone's interested but at least I'm asking. ^^
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