July 5th, 2002



Damn, it's been so hot lately. Today's high was 97 F but it felt even hotter because of the humidity. I was gonna go with my sis to some BBQ party but it was way too hot so I opted to pass. I stayed home with my folks who are on vacation. My folks plan to rip out the carpeting and replace them with wooden flooring this week so I'm gonna stay home and help them out. We watched the fireworks on TV and it was good. Better than last year. I still can't believe it's still 88 right now! I'm gonna head straight to the A/C in a bit.

In other news, I can't believe some asshole started shooting at the LAX airport today. What a dick. He killed two people. I hope he goes to hell and gets fisted by Satan real good. It was big news today. I'm glad nothing like that happened here.

Well, I can't wait til War3 CE arrives next week. After I beat single I'm gonna go on Bnet and kick Sean and Will's ass. LoL! (Down boys!) XD Maybe I can finally play a game online with some other #rosa people finally. Oh yea, I'm also expecting two new hard drives to arrive tomorrow. 120 and 40 gigs! The 120 is for me and the 40 is for my sis. Whee. Western Digital baby. I need the space real bad.

Downloaded Minority Report and MiB2. MR rocks! What a great movie. MiB2 sucks! The special effects are actually worst than the first one. Johnny Knoxville's character was so lame. Both movies had horrible audio so I didn't bother uploading to Jon's server. Yes, please hate me.

Here's a quick doodle I did with Phil on oC two days ago. Check out his killer mousing skills!
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