July 8th, 2002



W00t! War3 CE finally came and it's bitchin! What a nice package. It's so godly. ^^ I'm still helping my folks with the wood flooring but we're almost done! Yay again. I also got Longest Journey but I'll play that after War3. And I also ordered 5 more of those MGS2 trading figures and guess what? I got Solid Snake, Revolver Ocelot, Metal Gear Ray AND the Russian Soldier in COLOR!! W00t again~ I didn't get Olga but that's okay because I didn't like her sculpt. I also got an extra silver-painted version of Revolver but that's okay also. I got all the colored ones I wanted. What luck. :D

In any case, I'm gonna play a few missions of War3 while my dad takes a break. Fear me Will, I will keeel you soon. XD
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