August 1st, 2002



Another pretty uneventful and hot day. I had a few games of CS and War3 with Rodz. Also doodled in an oekaki and drew some pretty hilarious stuff with Rodz in oC. Everything was going okay until some stuff happened in a game that really pissed off Rodz. I won't say much but I hope he feels better because it's not worth being angry about. From a high to a low basically.

I got the Excaflowne movie Ultimate Edition yesterday but I haven't watched it yet. I'm waiting for the Limited Edition TV series first because I don't want the movie to ruin the surprises for me.

What else? Still looking for a job. I'm actually working on some cover letters for some of these companies. They are freakin annoying. Gotta have my sis proofread them and check if they sound professional. She's good at these sorta things. But I've been kinda lazy too so I'm glad my sis is helping me out with it. If all else fails, I'll go to a *gasp* temp agency.

Been trying out CS with a pair of new headphones and it's pretty weird. Kinda amazing to hear the noise moving around you. I still kinda suck but at least I can tell when someone is left or right of me now...hehe.

Was also watchin the news and I'm glad the two kidnapped girls were found safe. It was pretty exciting to hear that the kidnapper was killed. He deserved it. That was the major news today aside from some billboard collasping somewhere in the States. I guess that's all for now.
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