January 7th, 2003



Woke up around 4 am...yeesh

Gonna meet my client on Wed. Gotta complete the damn project!

Also, I went to buy the ultra limited Jango Fett mini-bust online a week ago and I checked back on that site just now and it's gone~ Whee, guess I was lucky to get the last one. Limited to 2,500 pieces worldwide like most mini-busts. But this one was pretty damn hard to find so that's a relief. I wouldn't wanna pay more for it on Ebay...

Well, everyone got their respective Xmas cards which tells me you guys gave me your real addresses...lol (stalk stalk) Sorry to everyone else who didn't. I used up all the cards I had so I only sent them to people who gave me their addresses and whom I talk to more often nowadays. But I guess noone cares anyways since they're from me. The sad thing was I didn't get any (online and off) but that's alright. I didn't expect any since I rarely celebrate the holidays and I'm not sentimental like that. I'm not bitter, not bitter at all! (denial)

Most of the LEGOs I ordered arrived yesterday. I just got a few more to go this week and I'm done.
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