March 5th, 2003


annoying fucker

This kid just won't give up! He keeps emailing for art advice but after I told him some general info, he keeps fucking buggin me for more specifics about it. Here's the latest email:

damn u lik...why do u hve to be so weird bout it...i mean i would think
that you would want to be willing to give out some more adive...i mean
really...then could u atleast update ur tips because they suk...all that u
hve is breasts, and show how to draw a body...and do the nipples too <("<)
(>"<) (>")>.
> stop bein so gd secretive
> jon

and here's my reply and very LAST email to him about it:

Well, that's not my problem. If I started telling every single person how I
draw, then I can be an art teacher. You're not the only person who've asked
but you've been rude about it so I don't have to tell you anything. Let me
give you ONE advice. When you ask people for art advice and they won't tell
you, then let go of it dude. You need a life. Why do you feel the need to
bug me about it? Please stop emailing me about it. I'm gonna block your
emails cuz of your attitude. Any future emails requesting my advice will be
ignored. Later.

That's the end of it. I'm tired of people like these hassling me over this stuff. They really really need a life.
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