March 8th, 2003


suikoden and gashapon rant

Finally beat the 2nd game. I had the sequel for a few years but only played it now. I didn't get Gremio the first time I played (didn't use a FAQ) but my friend told me about how there was a better ending and it affected the sequel so I had to replay the first game. I didn't do that until a few years later because I didn't bother with it. Well, I played both (with a FAQ for both games this time) and I have to say they owned! Great characters and I love how the sequel tied things from the first game so well. Now I'm inching to get the third game when I have money. You guys should check it out. The English translation was excellent. Viktor and the Star Dragon Sword are hilarious in both games. I'm a fan now.

Gawd, I'm in love with gashapons. Inexpensive but highly detailed figures. Worth every penny. The best one so far in my collection is Chobits Part 2. Excellent sculpt and paint job. Superb materials used. Chii with the umbrella and Chii sleeping are my faves. So damn adorable.
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