May 22nd, 2003



Great, The Longest Journey sequel is in the works! Yay!

Spent yesterday helping my dad dig out some old giant tree-thing. The damn thing didn't fit in the car so we had it sticking out of the rear right door. I was holding the line keeping the door closed as we drove from Quincy back to Medford. It was funny cuz my dad was trying avoid the cops. We were afraid they were gonna pull us over since the tree was sticking out pretty much out the door. There was one State Trooper who was in front of us but I think he ignored us since he probably had more importasnt things to do like catching REAL criminals. Lotsa people were staring when we drove by. Kinda funny. Got it back home with no problems. Helped my dad plant it and watched my dad clean Lucky. He's so dirty. When it gets warm enough we're gonna shave off all his fur so we can clean him again and get rid of the matted fur at the same time. Spent the remainder of the day sleeping since we woke up real early to dig that damn tree.

Begun planning and working on a Flash intro/Logo gig. It's going pretty slowly but there's progress. I'll need to clear up what my responsibilities are with the guy I'm working with.

My toy site is pretty much done designwise but I'm gonna wait til I get it a domain name before I upload it. It'll rock.

Once again, my sleep time is all fucked up. Too much CS at night is not good...
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