June 16th, 2003



Level 6 in morrowind now!

Watched a pretty good hong kong tv series with my sis called "life begins at forty". It has an interesting twist. It kinda reminded me of sex and the city except it's about three guys and it's not as raunchy. It didn't feel like the usual TVB hong kong tv series. Good characters and the girls in it are way cute and pretty hot. The ending was bittersweet but oh well. Seems like all the hong kong tv series that are good have pretty dull endings these days.

My mom's been watching those Korean (chinese dubbed) and Taiwanese tv series and they suck sooo bad. BOring and hard to watch. Most of them either deal with love/romance or people who are miserable. Hong Kong tv series are way better than that crap. At least the hong kong stuff would fill in some humor once in a while.

Also, I wanted to see the adultswim live webcam party tonight but guess what? They used shitty realplayer for it. I can't watch it because it requires the new version, which if you know by now, requires you to enter your CC info so you can start the gay 14 day trial. Lame. Realplayer can suck my ballz. Realplayer, here's some (old) news: noone gives a shit about your player anymore.