July 6th, 2003



finally have internet access at my mom's friend's home. spent 3 days in san francisco at my aunt's husband's brother's place. they have 2 kids, tony and serena. they're funny but a bit wild sometimes. went to some of the tourist spots with transportation by the people we were staying with. sadly, they had no internet and the only video games they had were a snes with donkey kong country, fzero and wing commander. so i spent a bit of time when i was at their house helping the kids beat dk country. their chinatown is huge! i knew it was the largest in the US but it was even bigger than NY's. bought a couple of HK movies there for a good price. finally found these old 80's 90's HK action flicks i've been looking for. can't believe they sell them here for 7-10 bucks a pop. and they're legit copies too!

i'm getting real sick of eating chinese food everyday. dim sum every morning and dinner at a chinese restaurant every night. ugh. gotta get to a fast food joint soon.

now i'm in sacramento at my mom's friend's place. they have a pretty big house. they're really well off (if you get my drift). sadly, no video games to play since their folks don't like it much. Gonna go to LA tomorrow i think and then back to this place. after that, we're gonna go back to SF and then the last stop is las vegas.

not sure what the plan is for today but i'll go along with it. sorry guys, i'm too lazy with the postcard crap stuff...hehhee
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