August 22nd, 2003


going well

finally got off my lazy butt and started to work on my site's redesign. it's gonna be different than my current site. it'll be much more simple and will focus more on stuff i can give to employers. i just have to work on how i'll show my art this time and figure out how to put in my other stuff. goodbye personal site, hello resume site. i'll probably keep my old site stored somewhere but once this new site is done, i'm deleting all the old stuff off jon's server. i don't want those old pages floating around in there.

my folks are going to NY on sunday to meet with old friends and stuff but i don't really wanna go. it'll be boring.

my toy site's gotten a lot of good remarks, i'm glad everyone likes it. :) if you been checking it, i added some artbook reviews too.
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