August 25th, 2003


site design pt 2

still working on the site redesign. it's going well except for a few snags. the ads i did for college is saved on my zip disks and i took out my zip drive. bummer. i'm too lazy to reconnect it so i'll have to see if my sis has a zip drive at work. just discovered a site i redesigned for someone is now finally being maintained by someone. would've been nice if they kept my name as the site design on the bottom since they're still using my design, those bastards. oh well, i got paid for it so who cares.

resized most of the images to a smaller size and made individual pages for them so i can give a brief comment for the ones that need one. now i'll need to write up my resume specifically for this site. i don't want my too much personal info in the site so it needs to be an abridged version.

also, when i apply to new temp places and other jobs, i'm gonna use new references that i have now. some people know about this already, but it seems the two references i used before actually backstabbed me. i did a lot of work for them but just because they wanted to take advantage of me before i left, they had to tell the temp agency i wasn't a good worker. assholes. they said i can use them as references too. what losers. i hope none of you have to go through that shit. some people are just dicks. hey guys, remmeber this, internships are a waste of time if the guy ain't gonna hire you. at least i learned some skills from them.

i'll have to wait til school opens before i can ask my guidance counselor from high school for his number. i was gonna use him as reference but i lost his number which was a HUGE mistake now that other shit happened.

er, was gonna just write the status of my site design but i blabbered other stuff, well, whatever. i'll have it posted when it's finally done.
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