August 26th, 2003



Soul Calibur 2 is out today! I preordered the GC version so I'm gonna go pick it up today. I hope the artbook is good because that (and the lithograph) were the only reasons I bothered to preorder it. I would've kindly waited for them to go on sale but the preorder stuff is well worth it.

Otogi and F-Zero also look real sweet but I don't have money for them so I'll wait and see if they'll be on sale during the Xmas holidays.

My folks came back from NY last night and my dad got 15 kois for the fish pond and a silver dragon for the fish tank. I'll wait til the fish pond is fully done before I take pics for Rosey. I told my dad the fish pond was way too big because even with 15 small kois, it looks empty, hahaha.