August 28th, 2003


Soul Calibur 2 rant

well, i beat weapon master mode in a few hours, wasn't as hard as the original SC weapon master mode, playin with the GC controller isn't as bad as i thought, the only thing is i can't really use the kick with the horizontal and vertical attacks that much, it really limits me to all the moves i can do with Ivy and the other characters, i might get an arcade stick for it in the future when they make a decent one, i really want a DC to GC controller adapter so i can connect my DC Ascii joystick to it, but i don't think that adapter exists. :(

Link and Talim are my fave characters right now, they are a lot of fun to play with. i beat half of the levels in weapon master mode with Link and his Megaton Hammer. it rocks.

another thing i noticed, taki's boobs are much larger and jigglier than ever before! she's definitely "grown" since i saw her last time. she's a real contender for Ivy's spot as the top boobilicious babe now, haha, and the artist has some real guts drawing out her nipples in all the character art, it really pushes the line, even DOA didn't draw them nips. :P
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