September 11th, 2003


2 year anniversary

Hey, I'm an American and I have to comment today is 2 years since those fuckers caused the death of thousands at the Twin Towers and the Pentagon. All the bombings in Afghanistan and Iraq are legitimate targets. I'm glad Israel is bombing the hell outta Hamas. Go Israel! Get every freaking last one of them!I'm really glad other countries are taking a stand against the terrorists in their country.

I knew one person who was on the second plane that crashed into the towers and if ANYONE said the US deserved the 9-11 attacks, they can suck my dick. No civilian should be targetted for what the government does or how others view their country. If you don't like this country then get the fuck out. Move to Canada or Mexico you sluts. Get your freakin liberal ass outta here! If you hate America for whatever reason, then don't buy anything from America, don't listen to our music, don't watch our movies/tv shows, don't read our comics/magazines/newspapers and don't eat our products! I'm sick of fucking hypocrites saying one thing and doing another.

Rant and rave all you like about the USA, but it's one of the best countries in the world. Those people make me sick to my stomache. This is especially true for all you sluts in college who are trying to act like you're in the 70's. This ain't no freaking Vietnam, losers. Get your protesting head outta the toilet, pinheads. You guys are such a disgrace.

Don't like what I've just said? Eat me.
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