November 4th, 2003


checklist of stuff

-i need to draw more. random sketches here and there. probably do a full fledge piece soon.
-went to a job fair. it sucked. who wants to join army and coast guard? not me. applied for a marketing job there.
-submitted some qee designs to toy2r. called up the president of the company on the phone. he's in hk and i'm glad i knew cantonese cuz he wasn't very good with english. some static here and there for some reason but it cleared up, thankfully. it was a good conversation cuz he was real friendly. funny how i managed to speak with him directly since i heard he's a real busy guy. he explained how the process worked. i think i made a good impression by calling him directly.
-been reorganizing my toys now that i got a shelf up on the wall for the action figs. i'm such a perfectionist. i'm still thinking of how to put the rest of the figs up. i need them to look cool and organized at the same time.
-talked with nomad about helping him with a toy site. it'll be cool and it'll help me learn how they work on their site.
-talked with anna about her experience in designing her qees and creating her dolls. she's very nice and is helping me with sculpting materials since i'm such a noob. nothing like chatting with a pro about their work. very inspiring.
-talked with my sis about doing our own children's book. she needs to write something soon.
-decided to get involved in designing some characters for a non-profit adventure game. i need to get off my ass and work on it soon. it'll be interesting. the guy is based in cambridge so i might be able to meet him if the process gets deeper.

wow, did lots of stuff lately. too bad it doesn't help me financially. but creatively, it's been a blast.
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the new catwoman costume for halle berry looks like crap, i see a big huge bomb for this movie already, stupid ass movie studios
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