February 26th, 2004



my sis just called me from her hotel (she's goin on a 3 day vacation) and she told me that when she went to get ice, some black woman (around 30s-40s) made a comment like this "ching chee chong" or something to her and that woman and her white friends laughed. what a bitch. it really shocks me since that would happen at a time like this. i can understand if she was some little ignorant kid but she's some old lady and yet, she made such a ignorant comment. it really boils my blood cuz it happened when i was kid, but you don't expect when you're older and it came from a grown adult! my sis was alone so she couldn't say anything until after the black woman's friends went into their rooms and she was alone. my sis said to her passingly, " i know english you know" and went into her room. i hope that bitch heard that. if i was there, i'd cuss at her like no tomorrow.

pfft, ignorance, and coming from a black woman. i'm sure martin luther king is proud of the progress we're making. i hope that woman trips and breaks her neck for disrespecting my sis like that.
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