March 4th, 2004



another phone interview for another web place today. this time, the guy called at a very inconvient time. i waited all day for him to call yesterday but he called today when i was sleeping! in any case, i was very groggy during the whole interview. i'm not confident about this job since the guy didn't check my online portfolio until he was on the phone with me! he said "i'm sorry, it's loading right". now, what that means is 1)the guy was lazy or 2)he was ill prepared. i assumed he was interested in me because of my portfolio (like the two previous intervews I had with some other web places) but he didn't even do research about me before calling me. i hate recruiters like that. the guy had 5 days to check since he contacted me last week about it. in any case, not getting this job won't worry me. i'm just annoyed with these kinds of people.
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