March 8th, 2004


update and howard stern

Went to the designer interview in Newton on Sat. It was very relaxed and the two guys were very cool. I'm not sure how well I did because they were presenting me their previous projects and what company they were more than asking me questions, which I found VERY odd. But I feel they were very impressed with my stuff so that was good.

Another place wants to interview but I haven't figured out what time to meet with him yet.

As for Howard Stern, I'm really pissed off that ClearChannel yanked him off the air. Free speech is in jeopardy. That commitee investigating should be ashamed of themselves. What the hell is considered indecent? Anything can be offensive in some way. So ridiculous. I hope people call their congressman and complain because we're really becoming a facist society with government involvement with radio. What's next? TV, movies, magazines and the internet?