March 15th, 2004


another one and a partner?

I have another interview today. This time it's in Needham. I'm not sure about the job in Newton tho. I haven't heard a reply from them yet but I'm optimistic. The job in Needham seems okay. It's a contract job tho which means there's no benefits which sucks for me. The guy told me to study up on XML and CSS before coming in which I found odd. I decided to read about it over the weekend just to learn about them. They weren't hard to understand at all but I don't think I would ever use them in my own sites. Seems redundant since I use Dreamweaver and I hate coding. I don't really care for this job as much as the other one I interviewed for but if I get in, it's all good.

I've been talking with this guy in NY about his experience as an animator for a online Flash gaming site. He's a very cool guy and quite talented with flash and animation. I met him through one of those gashapon groups online. We're messing with the idea for a flash game. That would be fun and since he works at a place that makes them, I'm quite hopeful with this partner. So far, I'm a little disappointed with everyone who promised to collaborate with me. You know who you are. I'm willing and ready but everyone has their own plans and/or excuses. Sigh. I guess it's not a priority for them. I'm also gonna work with my sis on some stuff. It's going slowly since I'm not too inspired at the moment but it'll come to fruition soon.