May 14th, 2004



well, it's my third day at the office working as a contractor. very quiet here. i don't really talk to anyone except my supervisor, Arwa. she's cool. she lets me do stuff and doesn't boss me around or anything. no computers will be available next week so i'm gonna be working at home. i'm glad i was referred by Jay, who interviewed me for another position. that other job was more programming stuff so i'm glad i didn't end up working in that. but i wish this was a full time job so i can get benefits...

anyways, it's a very casual environment. i can wear whatever i want. that's the best part about an internet company. i'm also online all day so it's cool to be able to surf the net occasionally and chat on AIM when i'm bored or stuck. it also doesn't hurt that i can listen to the radio and music to let time pass quickly. this job is hourly tho so i can't waste time or else it'll make me look bad. most of the people here are older than me so the feeling here is very business-like.

i'm also teaching myself flash again and it's been slow. at least it's easier than illustrator. i'll never understand that prog. good thing they haven't given me anything that involves that prog.

the worst part about working in-house is that it's 20 miles away from home and driving 20 miles each way is a pain. the main problem is traffic. it slows me down so much that it takes 40 minutes each way. annoying. i'm gonna probably work more from home since gas prices will make me lose some of the money i earn here and i can sleep longer when i work at home too.

on the leisure side: i got a new cell phone and # so anyone with my old cell# should email me for the new one. also bought a bunch of games. ever since i beat SW:knights of the old republic, i became in withdrawl. i still have a bunch of games i haven't beaten yet but i haven't felt like completing them yet. playing f-zero gx and mark of kri now. a lot of games are cheaper now and i'm trying to catch up. preordered halo 2 limited editon too just cause i want that really badly. i mean, who doesn't?

okay, back to work.

i'm gonna spend this weekend to relax and update my toy site with some new reviews.
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