June 1st, 2004



Had a tiring weekend. Went with my sis to several places looking for a DVD storage shelf. I want one of those with the doors where you can also store DVDs in them but no stores around here have it. They suck. The ones online are too expensive. So I'm still having tough luck with that mission.

Went to my dad's friend's daughter's wedding on Sunday. It was cool buit we were late for the ceremony. The reception was pretty long. I think we stayed there for 4 hours. The cool thing was, I bumped into old friend from high school. I didn't expect to see anyone I know there so it was a big surprise. I talked to him for a little bit and also exchanged phone numbers. I haven't seen Zhi in like 6 years. He looks the same except he's not as skinny as he once was. That was the highlight there.

Yesterday, me and my family went to NY for the day. This was the first time I went to Times Square and the first time I rode on their subway there. Pretty sad but I've always been hanging around Chinatown since we never had a lot of time to go far from those bus tour stops. I can't say I enjoyed going on the subway. It costs a whopping $2! I'm glad I don't live in NY. We decided to go back to Chinatown by taxi since the subway ride wasn't worth the price and the hassle. It wasn't a great day though. It started to rain in the afternoon and we didn't bring umbrellas. We walked around getting pretty wet. We managed to buy some stuff but we left an hour early just because the rain was getting worst.

btw, IGN DVD published my info on the R2 Kill Bill DVD....whee, you heard it first here. :P