June 6th, 2004



For anyone who knows my CS persona, I'm done with Holy. Me and Drain were kicked out just because we liked to play in a server that SM hated. Well, too bad SM, you control freak. He tried to blame me and Drain for his own problems with the clan. What a loser. I got Archangel and FDF to leave too. Now only Smokey and Freak are still in. That means Holy is dead since they rarely play anyways. I'm glad people listened to my reasoning. It's almost pathetic that someone like SM would take a PC game so seriously. He needs to find a job and stop obsessing over a game and that so-called clan of his. Me and Drain were the life blood of the clan, not him. He thinks he owns a clan that needed us. Well, it's done. I don't care what he does from now on. Holy is dead. Good riddance.
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