October 19th, 2004


is she interested?

there's this really cute girl who works at the temp agency. i went to get my check today and she gave me a look when she was getting my check. i didn't think anything of it until i was standing outside the door and checking the amount. she was on her way to the restroom and she tried some small talk: she asked: "raining outside?" i replied: "yea, but it's pretty light." i was oblivious again until i saw her looking back at me before entering the restroom. three looks and small talk to someone they don't know? oh well, i dont know. is she interested? maybe i'll ask for her name next time. :P

btw, GO RED SOX! i watched every game so far and i think i've had a heart attack ten times now. i'm also quite sleep deprived. ^^;;;
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