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Well, the meeting with my client has been rescheduled til next week which is good. It gives me more time to figure out the rates and pricing and maybe future projects that guy needs.

Anyways, I've been on a LEGO binge. I'm trying to buy parts (mainly minifigs) and stuff like that for a low price. Going well and I've met a lot of very nice sellers. No frauds so far. ^^ Collecting the Star Wars LEGOs really made me a fan again. I guess I was a casual fan but now I'm actually checking out stuff about it. I'm glad there's plenty of fansites to feed my cravings. But I also discovered an incredible amount of LEGO fans in the world. It's amazing. It pains me that I dunno anyone here who's into Star Wars or LEGOs. People I know in real life here are BORING! Well, okay, I'll be fair, they're just not into the same stuff I'm into. At least I got Lien and Van to talk about things like anime and RPGS with. They're the only girls I know here who love that stuff. But they're also the stereotypical figures of girls liking only RPGs and manga for girls. :P

Once again, did anyone in Australia get my Xmas cards??? If you haven't got them by now then they're probably lost. O well, there's always next year...stoopid mailmen

Jango Fett vs Boba Fett

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