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interesting, a guy in the UK who owns his own comic store is making a comic with a few guys and he wants me to do a cover for him. hmmm, no money but maybe some exposure. i'll see what the details are...haven't really drawn anything since the new year...

my friend also wants me to do a comic with him but he only gave me a summary of his characters and the basic synopsis, i told him to draw me a map with the locations so i can get the feel of the world, but he's been busy so that's on the backburner, it sounds cool and i have the basic style locked in my head

anyways, finding a web job is crap around here and freelancing is real annoying since everything is negotiated, gonna be looking for a temp job so i have a stable income, something needs to feed my toy/game hunger, i'm in a LEGO/Kubrick phase right now :P

also, the fucking snow is still here and caused a lot of traffic jams, thank god it's above 45 degrees, most of the shoveled places have melted, but i hear we're gonna have heavy rain this week...great...

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