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Alrighty, had a somewhat humorous conversation with Rose, Qiang, Phil, Sean, Will and Ross in iparty. We talked about a variety of things like we always do. While we were chatting, the stuff I ordered also arrived! The nude (yes! nude!) Rei figure looks pretty good and it's handpainted by some Japanese guy. It was cheap so that was good. Also got the Akira Club artbook finally. It's been years since I decided to get it. And I got the Avalon movie on DVD as well as some CCS figures. "Cheapy" figures as Sean said but I don't care. I wanted two of the figures in the set. I have the other ones direct from Japan already so it's just a manner of collecting. They're all made in China anyways. ^^

Nothing more, watching the news right now and feeling hungry. I don't feel like doing anything today. I may or may not call out some people this weekend depending on my mood. I haven't felt like going out due to the lack of interesting places to hang out around here. Maybe I'll wait til a good movie comes out.

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