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sars and rant

man, that disease or wutever it is is really getting out of hand. 9 more people died in hong kong yesterday, sheesh. my cousin had to go back to china to get his wife after she gave birth there and they're back in arizona so i think they're okay.

also, one of my aunts and her husband went back to china a few weeks ago but they're back and i think they're not infected either. all the plans to visit hong kong or any other asian country is pretty much scrapped. fucking sars...

my sister's comp still not fixed yet, i'm gonna see if my friend or my cousin have any suggestions. if not, then i'll need to turn it to a slave drive and move it over to my comp so i can copy all the important files and reformat. i told my sis to backup her stuff but she never listens to me.

on a lighter note, found the dragon jin roh japan exclusive figure for a good price on ebay, wheee, it's sold out everywhere and im glad i got it. yay, cant wait to receive it.

also, its been hot for the past two days, yesterday was around 80 and it's also 80s today. guess what? it's gonna be 30s tomorrow, lmao, yea, we get crazy weather around here...

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