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patriot's day

Happy Patriot's Day, the Boston Marathon is today. I woke up around 3:45 AM. Nothing to do so I watched the news and cleaned my room. Stoopid Scott Peterson is finally arrested. I knew it was him from day one. O yea, spent all day Saturday watching the entire Escaflowne TV series in one setting. It's better than I thought! I bought it a year ago but didn't really get around to watching it until now. I have the movie too but I'll get to that later. I helped my sister watch her bid for that cool Ghibli DVD player on Ebay. I saw it a year ago on Jlist but she wasn't interested then. The seller sold it for the same price except the shipping was pretty high since he was in Japan. Anyways, my sis is happy about it.

Also, if anyone's been following my entries, they know I'm designing my own toy site. I got the design up and running but I don't have enough reviews and articles to upload it yet. Maybe soon. Is anyone waiting for it? I might upload it sooner if that's the case. C'mon, admit you collect toys too you basties. :P

Changed my CS clan. After a lot of bs and other crap going on with my previous clan [ 2pc ], I've join =]H[= aka Holy. I don't need to deal with crap just so I can have fun with a friggin game. My clanmates asked me to join them in CPL (Cyberathletics Player's League) which is a tourney for people playing FPS games to win money in tourneys. They thought I was good enough to compete but I'm not interested in that stuff. I play for fun and not to compete. If I worry about those things I'll suck.

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