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My grandma on my dad's side is now an US citizen. I had to go with her and my aunt to the Oath Ceremony since I was her translator. It wa sooo boring. We got there at 9:30am. Then had to wait with some other people there until 10. We finally sat down and it was a long 3 hours! We wasted 2 hours mainly waiting. First they had to check the green cards and papers one by one! Then the judge finally came and spoke for a while...zzzz. Then they allowed people with cameras to take pics with the judge! Another half hour was wasted waiting for those people to take a damn picture. After all that shit was done, we finally got to the certificates. We had to wait row by row until they called us and then we were home free. Man, it took them so long just to give us a damn piece of paper. They could've taken 2 hours off easy. Anyways, congrats to my grandma.

Then I had to get home on the T. Funny thing, I haven't gone on the T in like 2-3 years. I had forgotten how much it cost. LoL. Now I remember how much I hated riding the T and why my discman was my best friend during those times...

Now I have to wait for my dad to come home so I can go to the post office and pick up my sister's package. Dammit, the postman came half an hour before I came home...

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