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Not much

Well, I spent another day playing MOH:AA. It's been a blast. Now that I patched it to ver 1.11, I haven't met any cheaters lately. It feels good knowing that I'm considered an elite player in some of the games. If only I knew someone around here or online who plays it on Gamespy also. Oh well.
Also been browsing around various toy sites and finding some killer figures for bargain prices. I received the Jin-Roh Kubrick figure today. It's so badass. ^^ Can't wait to receive the normal action figure in a few days. It's from Kaiyodo, which means it's high quality.

Anyways, haven't felt like going to #rosa these past two days. I guess I don't feel like plugging there that much since people always point out the negative aspects of the pics. Not a lot of people plug there anymore so I just wanna post but I get my ass burned for plugging my quickies nowadays. I'm not looking for C&Cs, I just wanna plug and know people saw them. I've been doodling in the oekaki poteto board lately just to get rid of some ideas instead. I should be sleeping now but I can't and I'm going to play a few more team deathmatch games in MOH. Yes, I'm addicted.

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