LiK (lik) wrote,


need to finish up the flash intro for the site i was helping the guy with so i can get my paycheck.

and i need to draw a pic for my mom's friend's husband. they visited us a few years back and we're going to visit them in july in cali and he wants a drawing from me to frame in his home. someone actually likes my art that much!

in personal gaming news, got banned from a gay server called cyberops for no reason, i was owning them in cs_italy and suddenly got kicked/banned by some noob ops. i already told them about it in the forums but even if i don't get unbanned, i have plenty of other servers to play on, i was owning for 7 maps straight last night in another server. :)

been playing morrowind, what a huge game. taking it real slow. my character is level 3 now! seems little but it takes a while in that game to level up.

watched black hawk down again, this time on dvd and it's even better at home. the 3 disc version is jampacked with special stuff. if you liked the movie in the theaters, this dvd is worth owning.

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