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still in sacramento. just woke up. we visited many of my folk's friend's homes and checked out their photo albums. it was real sunny and hot. we had a bbq and i drew a very large pic (i'll post it when i get home) for my mom's friend's daughter. i think it came out well. then me and my cousin and one of my mom's friend's son went to an internet cafe where we could play some CS! only paid for 1 hour but it was worth it because i was in i kicked some serious ass in azzy. 22 - 6 record with awp, woot. anyways, slept earlier than i thought, around 1 am. i was tired from all that walking.

gonna eat dim sum (again!) and then visit someone's home. dunno what they're doing later. we're off to LA tomorrow so i won't be updating my LJ until i get home probably.

sorry to you guys who wanna meet in cali. i have no control of where to go and what to do. gotta follow my folks and take photos and all that shiat. hopefully next time when i go with a friend or on my own, we could meet up or something. ^^ cya.

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