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Yesterday was such a boring day. My mom made me and my sis go to her friend's daughter's graduation party. I talked with a few guys and watched them play Unreal Tournament and showed them some video game stuff online but other than that, we were all bored as shit. Only my sis and some of the girls there looked like they were actually enjoying themselves. All the old people sang karoake which killed my ears. After 6 hours of boredom, we left.

Today was another dead day. I spent some time applying online to which is a site to help find jobs for creative individuals. I have't finished the form because it's so specific and I'll have to ask my sis to proofread it before I submit. If this doesn't work, I'm going to start checking out the temp agencies. I got my Jin-Roh action figure today and it's excellent. Can't wait to receive the second one which I forgot to cancel from another site that had it on backorder and they shipped it today. But it's okay, I could probably keep it in the case or actually play with them. LoL. I also spent some time to order all the MGS2 figures finally. lowered the price of one of the figures to just $5.99 so that was cool. I guess MGS2: Substance made me all hyped about it again. I hope it will help redeem the bad taste of the original MGS2 when it comes out. Thank you Hideo-san! I'm also considering ordering all the Love Hina action figures but they're kinda expensive so I'll hold back for now. I didn't like the anime too much but I love the character designs and the figures look so nice. I'll probably reconsider after a week to check how much money I have left in my account. I can't have Naru being so lonely. Hee.

Btw, ONLY Gen replied to my request about a collab (read the previous post "NGE + request"). I guess noone wants to do it. But if anyone has an idea they wanna write about, just reply here or email or whatever. I'm up for anything, even if you want to write some hentai story, don't be shy.

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