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vacation in review

okie dokie, a quick summary of my trip in the west

san francisco, was okay, i didn't like the cold weather there, the wind is bone chilling cold. got plenty of hk dvds there tho. my uncle's younger bro's daughter (age 7) thought i wasn't an adult. haha, man...

sacramento, lots of fun, the people there were great and i enjoyed their company.

los angeles, same as last year, i don't like it much. the only highlight was universal studios. pretty fun. i really liked the shrek 4d ride. check it out.

las vegas, ultra hot! it was around 114-116 F degrees there. it wasn't the sun or climate that bugged me, it was the wind. it's like having a full blast of a your hairdryer blowing hot air in ur face. it was terrible. just having my digicam out for too long made it heat up with that hot wind blowing on it. awful awful weather. thank god it was dry heat.

saw three shows there:

1) "O" - saw it last year too and it's great. worth the money all the way. i recommend that if there's one show you're gonna watch in vegas, it's "O".

2) Siegfried and Roy - kinda cheesy but some of the disappearing acts were great. it's like a combo of a magic show and broadway. Siegfried went around giving highfives and my mom got one, lol. not worth the money tho.

3) Jubilee - hehe, because this show had topless girls, they checked for ID for people under the age of 18. Guess what??? the woman asked for my fucking ID! i know i might look younger than 21, but NOT 18! man, that was funny. it's an okay show, lots of boobies and some good singing. but not as good as "O".

had an overall good time,

o yea, i need to post the pic i drew for erica here, it's a large pic and i took some digicam pics of it, i'm kinda proud of it, only had color pencils and some sharpie pens at my disposal. i'll promise to do so in my next entry. too lazy to grab the digicam and resize etc. hehe

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